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Heyy, below are the most asked questions in regards to appointments!

When Will The Next Bookings Open?

  • The date for when the next bookings open is currently always posted at the top of the policy page!

What Is Customization And Construction?

  • Customization refers to the bleaching of knots and plucking of hair line on a wig, frontal, or closure.

  • Construction refers to taking bundles, and a frontal or closure and creating a wig unit.

Do You Offer Squeeze Ins?

  • Outside of my normal bookings I only take emergency install requests, they are featured on the booking page and can be requested directly on the website. The appointments are outside of my usual schedule and availability for an additional cost. Requests aren't guaranteed and may be accepted or declined at my discretion based upon my schedule.


What Are Your Availabilities?

  • My availabilities are always shown on my booking calendar, if a month's booking is open but there aren't any times showing then it is currently fully booked!

 When Should I Drop-Off My Wig or Lace?

  • All hair must be dropped off in advance the time frames vary depending on the booked service. Please read the service description of the booked service to get exact days and other important information regarding appointment.

 How Do I Cancel/Reschedule A Hair Appointment?

Instructions for cancellations or rescheduling are located at this link here: Reschedule/Cancel

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