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Heyy, below are my tips to preserve and safely remove installs!

Maintaining Lace Wigs, Frontals, and Closures

  •  I recommend that your hair is wrapped with a clean soft elastic band or wrap every night and day when sleeping, washing face, exercising, and showering. Below is a photo example of my recommended hair wrap and elastic band:​​​​

  • Please be sure that your lace doesn't get wet and try not to shower with excessively hot water!

  • If you are prone to sweating or workout regularly you may have premature lace lifting I recommend you buy small can of hairspray (gots2b spray, ebin wonder lace bond etc), spray it and wrap with an elastic band and dry for 15-20 minutes or leave on overnight as needed. 

    • I also reccomend with this hot weather that you keep ypur hair wrapped throughout the day until you need to fully wear it out (like for photos, events, etc)​

  • Make sure your are brushing/detangling your hair daily especially with curly hair. Not doing this can lead to excessive matting , shedding, or balding of hair. Also for this reason remain from excessive scratching or sleeping without a hair wrap and bonnet. 

  • To preserve the flatness of your install, you may want to invest in a hot comb, but be careful as sometimes they may burn the lace if too hot. If you aren't keen on hot combs you may also use mouse and wrap your hair overnight. 

  • Maintenance is recommended after 2-3 weeks as needed.

elastic band.jpeg
Removing Lace Wigs, Frontals, and Closures

When removing a glued down lace system it is crucial that you are careful.

  • If you own a lace removal spray or gel start by soaking the front of your lace in that remover (If you don't have remover use oil or wet lace and apply shampoo).

  • Whichever you have after applying use your fingers to gently rub the lace around as it begins to loosen up. DON'T rip the lace right up (even if you began to see or feel the edges of the lace come up) you could possibly damage your skin, hair, and the lace itself. Let the lace move back on its own as you continue to gently rub.

  • Once the lace is completely off use shampoo to clean your hairline removing any glue residue remaining on your skin. Gently take down your cornrows then wash and detangle your hair.

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