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How To:


  1. You must have an account.

  2. If you don't have an account make one using the following instructions:(if you do skip to #3)​​

    1. Click login (located at the top left corner)​

    2. Click " sign up with email" you MUST use the email that was used to make your appointment.

    3. Pick a password and click "Sign Up". You are all done!

  3. Log into your account

  4. Click onto the down arrow located next to your account name. You will see a drop-list of several pages.

  5. Click on the "My Bookings" Page 

  6. Go to your up upcoming Bookings and to the right side you will see underlined Reschedule

  7. Click reschedule and you will be taken to the booking calendar where the remaining availabilities for the month are.

  8. Click onto a day and time that is convenient for you and confirm.

  9. You will see a screen saying "Great You're Booked!" and a confirmation email will arrive soon.


  1. Click onto the "My Bookings" Page

  2. Go to your upcoming Bookings and to the right side you will see an arrow next to the word reschedule

  3. Click the arrow. You will see the options "Book Again" and "Cancel"

  4. Click "Cancel" and then choose the "Yes" option.

  5. Your session is now canceled!

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